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Archive for January 22nd, 2009

Car Shopping From Your Computer

There is a new website that Tribal has launched that allows car shoppers to experience a true life like shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes.  Now, at people can virtually walk around a new vehicle and sit in it.  Tribal created this website because shopping for cars can be confusing. Research […]

Car Buyers Are Looking For Change

The Prius has become one of the hottest vehicles in the country. This is actually quite amazing because this is a hybrid electric vehicle, which requires people to embrace change. With any change, people like to protect themselves. Many people feel better purchasing a hybrid if they have an auto warranty to go along with […]

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College Students Can Afford Cars Too…

College students who live a long distance from their school find it hard to commute on a daily basis.  It can be tough to wait for a bus, as well as time consuming.  Having a vehicle can help a great deal in this situation.  But students are usually tight for cash, so they need to […]

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