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Archive for January 28th, 2009

Why Car Maintenance Is Essential

Cars need regular maintenance in order to run trouble free.  Some people actually brag about driving an incredible amount of miles without performing maintenance on their vehicle.  However, these are the same people that eventually go to their mechanic and get handed a bill for hundreds of dollars.  An auto warranty can help you avoid […]

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Auto Dealers Have Been Hit Hard

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, out of the 20,700 U.S. new car dealerships, around 600 will have been forced to shut down this year, compared to 430 last year. At least 80% of the dealerships closing will be domestics because of the large amount of sales that they have lost.  And once a […]

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Now’s The Time To Buy A New Car

Luckily, at the moment, not all of the economic news is tragic. According to economists from Comerica Bank, vehicles have currently become more affordable than has been seen in 28 years.  So, the last time vehicle shoppers’ purchases made up this small of a piece of his or her income, fuel prices were higher than […]

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