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Archive for January 9th, 2009

What’s The Best Used Car Out There?

Forbes has assessed all of the cars out there to conclude that the Honda Accord is the best used car.  In addition, this means that the Accord is the best certified pre-owned car on the market. According to Forbes, there are many certified pre-owned vehicles, however, the Honda Accord deserves to be acknowledged because of […]

Introducing The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

It isn’t surprising that Ford’s aiming the new 2010 Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion hybrids straight at the Toyota Camry Hybrid, but what is attention getting is Ford claiming that its sedan hybrids will outdo the city mileage of the Camry Hybrid by 5 mpg.  That would make the Milan and Fusion hybrids’ rating at […]

Automakers Prioritize Survival Over Eco-Friendly Cars

BMW, Ford and VW announced the plan to boost sales of small cars that are fuel-efficient after the slump of consumer spending, which shows that improving gas powered cars will come before vehicles with alternative fuel. Automakers in the U.S. are cutting emissions by steering away from SUVs and trucks and focusing on smaller cars, […]

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