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Used Cars For Great Deals

Not everyone has the option of purchasing a shiny new car, but there are many new-to-you cars that you can get for a great deal.  Recently, the Kelley Blue Book put together a list of cars in average condition with a value between $15,000-$21,000.  Here are three of the top cars on the list.
First, there’s […]

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The Safety Rating For The Jeep Patriot Has Been Revised

For all of you people out there who are fans of the Patriots- the vehicle, not team-here are some additional reasons that you should love your crossover.  In an omission that is rare, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety decided to revise the frontal crash-test rating of the 2008 Jeep Patriot to Good, which is […]

How Do Men’s Cars And Women’s Cars Differ?

If you ask a woman if she would like to buy a Dodge Viper, chances are she will say “no”.  This car is a V-10 two seater that starts at approximately $80,000.  Although this may not be a woman’s cup of tea, studies show that many men would like to have this car.  Like many […]

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Minivans Are More Popular Than Ever

Many people enjoy owning minivans because they offer various options for carrying cargo and passengers.  Depending on your needs, you can configure minivans in a variety of different ways.  Also, minivans now come with climate control in dual zones, as well as DVD systems and an auto warranty.  These features offer great appeal to buyers, […]

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Light Cars And Trucks Have Seen Fuel-Efficiency Go Up

The EPA is the arm of the government that is responsible for testing fuel economy, and its results are now posted on the stickers on new vehicles.  This is a different rating than the government’s CAFÉ numbers, which you might have heard about in Washington.
The real numbers by the EPA are predicted to go up […]

What’s So Great About The Supercar?

Sports car enthusiasts consider the supercar to be the ultimate vehicle.  What is a supercar you may ask?  A supercar is a very high-end sports car that has power and handling that is exceptional.
It can be challenging to find one of these cars, and even more of a challenge to find the funds for one.
Cutting […]

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Mazda Gets It Right With The 2010 Mazda3

Anyone who has been to the 2009 Los Angeles auto show would be impressed by the 2010 Mazda3’s redesign.  Mazda is setting the bar high with the incredible designs of both the Mazda3 and Mazda6.  It is blazing a trail for its lineup to look sophisticated and uniform, without appearing to be identical and boring.  […]

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