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Archive for January 14th, 2009

Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Car Expenses

People are often irrational about their vehicles. Some drivers even talk to their vehicles and give them a pat here and there.  But as much as our cars mean to us, we don’t need to waste money on them.  Here are some common ways that you can avoid unnecessary car expenses.
First of all, buying premium […]

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Used Car Values Continue To Decline

According to a Soleil Securities analyst, used car values are continuing to decline.  This could have negative repercussions for new car manufacturers that are already struggling.
Analyst Michael Ward claims that the Manheim used vehicle index, which indicates trends in pricing, dropped 6.2% last month, which is the lowest seen since 2004.
Also, according to Manheim, prices […]

Mitsubishi Cancels Raider Pickup Truck

Mitsubishi announces plans to cancel production of its Raider pickup at some point during the middle of next year, ending a sales streak that has been difficult to say the least.  The carmaker is reworking its lineup and changing the focus to more fuel-efficient vehicles, therefore the Raider moved right to the chopping block.
The Raider […]

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