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Archive for January 20th, 2009

How To Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Often motorists get sticker shock or experience buyer’s remorse after buying a new car.  However, you can avoid this by considering the expenses that you will encounter in the future.
According to experts, most consumers anticipate the price of the purchase, registration and taxes.  However, many people forget to factor in the price of insurance and […]

Lexus Issues A Recall For The 2006-08 IS, GS, and LS

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a recall has been issued by Lexus for 214,500 2006-08 GS, IS, and LS cars.  Apparently, there has been corrosion within fuel pipes that has caused a leak.
Lexus discovered that specific ethanol fuels containing a low moisture content will make the pipes rust.  This can cause the […]

When Is It Time To Have Your Brakes Checked?

Vibrations of the brake pads resulting in a high-pitched sound are what causes brake squeal.  The vibration happens when the pads aren’t insulated properly from the caliper.  The factory equips brake pads with clips, insulator shims, and even a backing made out of silicone that keeps the pad glued to the caliper.  This prevents vibrating.
Often […]

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