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Archive for January 30th, 2009

Finding A Classic Car

Anyone who has held on to a Babe Ruth rookie card knows the rewards of purchasing an item that is a classic.  It retains its value and will provide a return that is significant.  Whether it is a painting, antique, or automobile, people are finding that the high quality of classics are twice as nice.
An […]

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Chrysler Offers New Promotion

As part of its “new day” celebration last February, Chrysler introduced a very unique promotion for its minivans: Purchase a minivan, and receive a free DVD player for the rear seat.  Since the promotion, it’s difficult to argue that Chrysler has experienced something that resembles the optimism that a new day brings, yet that hasn’t […]

The Advantage Of Certified Pre-Owned Cars

When some people think of pre-owned vehicles, they visualize dirty, old, junky cars.  But there is another market, certified pre-owned cars, which are making savvy buyers take notice.
Certified pre-owned vehicles have had thorough inspections and refurbishing.  This eliminates the concern about reliability that often goes along with purchasing a used car.  Also, certified pre-owned cars […]

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