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Archive for January 16th, 2009

AARP Takes Large Portion Of Members’ Car Insurance

The AARP, which was formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, supports various goods and services and endorses them for their members; this includes auto insurance.  Recently, Bloomberg news reported some practices that appear to be pretty shady, in regards to their insurance endorsements.
Some members are actually shelling out double for insurance that is AARP-backed […]

Tips To Help Car Shoppers Save

If you’re considering purchasing a new or used vehicle, you should do a few things first.  You can make the process of buying a car easier, and save yourself some money by following a few simple tips.
First of all, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned car.  New vehicles will immediately lose about 30% of their […]

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Porsche Gives Prices For The 2009 Boxster and Cayman

Consumers can expect the 2009 Porsche Cayman and Boxster to arrive at dealerships this March, complete with an auto warranty and improvements in technology, fuel economy, and power.  Of course, this means there will be a slight bump in price.  According to Tony Fouladour, who works for Porsche, the 2009 Cayman is going to start […]

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What’s Covered In A New Car Warranty?

There is nothing worse than getting your car repaired and hearing, “It isn’t covered under your auto warranty.”  Often, motorists are confused because they assume that certain repairs are covered.  Drivers need a little education to understand more about their new car warranties.
People need to understand that an auto warranty isn’t an entitlement, but an […]

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Ideal Cars For Teen Drivers

When buying a car for a teen driver it is important to consider safety and reliability. After all, teens don’t have a lot of experience. When car shopping for a young driver, cars should be considered that have good crash-test results and advanced safety features.
For the most part big, heavy vehicles perform the […]

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Recent Legislation Proposed To Get Gas-Guzzlers Off The Roads

The 111th Congress is just a week old, and they have already proposed legislation that will affect the car world.  The House and Senate have both proposed new legislation hoping to get vehicles that are fuel-inefficient off of roads.  This program, which is called “Cash for Clunkers” would provide owners of old gas-guzzlers cash.  For […]

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