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Auto Dealers Have Been Hit Hard

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, out of the 20,700 U.S. new car dealerships, around 600 will have been forced to shut down this year, compared to 430 last year. At least 80% of the dealerships closing will be domestics because of the large amount of sales that they have lost.  And once a […]

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Now’s The Time To Buy A New Car

Luckily, at the moment, not all of the economic news is tragic. According to economists from Comerica Bank, vehicles have currently become more affordable than has been seen in 28 years.  So, the last time vehicle shoppers’ purchases made up this small of a piece of his or her income, fuel prices were higher than […]

Things To Consider When Buying A Used Vehicle From A Dealer

One trick that people use to sell a used car is to detail it until it looks brand new.  However, beware, a motor that is steam-cleaned won’t fix a gasket that is blown.  This is why it is important to purchase an auto warranty. Having said that, dealers that are reputable typically won’t try to […]

How To Know If A Car Has Water Damage

It is a huge disappointment to buy a vehicle just to find out that it literally has an ocean of problems. Unfortunately, there are a large number of vehicles on the market within the last five years that have experienced flooding, rain or hurricanes.  In fact, the number of cars has doubled.  In certain states […]

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Obama Does A Re-evaluation of State Emissions

Yesterday, President Obama instructed the EPA to do a re-evaluation of California’s request, as well as 13 other states, to determine and regulate their own vehicle emissions standards.  Unfortunately, motorists haven’t been very concerned with emissions.  In fact, many people would rather hold onto their current cars with used car warranties, instead of buying a […]

Choosing An Auto Shop

Because many people lead busy lives, they try to pick a repair shop that is close to their home.  They also try to find a shop that they believe to be trustworthy.  Motorists take for granted the freedom of being able to pick where their cars get repaired.  This may all be coming to an […]

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Look Under The Hood Before Purchasing A Car

When buying a used car you need to do your homework.  This includes doing a thorough inspection of the vehicle, and don’t forget to look under the hood. You don’t want to end up with a car that will leave you stranded calling for road service.  Here are some things you need to be aware […]

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The Best Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Some people think of used cars as being dirty, junky and old.  But a different market is making savvy buyers who are looking for updated vehicles pay attention.  The bonus is that these cars don’t have the sticker price of new cars. Certified pre-owned cars have undergone rigid inspections and been refurbished by their manufacturer.  […]

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American Automakers Go Green

It’s apparent that the auto industry in America is becoming “greener” than ever.  Everywhere you look there are ads for fuel-cell technology, hybrids, Bio-diesel fuel, clean-diesel engines, and E-85 fuel.  These technologies have gained popularity with America’s Big Three automakers. Why?  Automakers are feeling pressure from all directions, including the White House, Congress, and also […]

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Fuel Prices Go Up For The Third Week In A Row

The average price around the nation for a gallon of fuel has risen for the third week in a row, and is now at $1.85 per gallon.  This price is higher than it has been since late November and it’s a 6.3-cent-per gallon leap since last week. However, if you compare gas prices to a […]

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