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An Extended Auto Warranty Is A Must

An extended auto warranty can bring motorists peace of mind.  However, drivers need to get the most out of their auto warranty by keeping documents organized and asking the right questions.  Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your auto warranty. Often times an extended auto warranty requires service records.  […]

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More Motorists Are Dropping Car Insurance

As the economy declines, more motorists are trying to save money by abandoning their car insurance. According to the Insurance Research Council, the uninsured rate and the unemployment rate are directly correlated.  When unemployment increases 1%, uninsured drivers increase a half-percent.  As of November, unemployment was up 2% since last year. In a recent study, […]

Mitsubishi Brings The I MiEV Electric Car To The U.S.

Mitsubishi has confirmed that in the near future it will sell an electric car in the U.S. that is fairly inexpensive. This small electric vehicle is called the i MiEV, which is short for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, and will be one of the very first EVs that will be mass-produced on the global scene, […]

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