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Archive for November 19th, 2009

Evaluate A Car For Safety Before Buying

When looking to buy a new vehicle it is important to consider crash test ratings, electronic stability control, and rollover resistance.  When evaluating a car for safety, remember to look closely at the following. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts crash tests on vehicles.  They rate vehicles based on results in frontal crashes and […]

Making A Quick, Wise Auto Purchase

Ideally, people like to take their time to purchase a new vehicle, but some drivers just can’t wait a month or two.  A theft, accident, or breakdown may leave you scrambling for something to drive.  Here’s a strategy to help you buy quickly, but wisely. First, think about the car that you just had.  If […]

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Don’t Get Stuck With Buyer’s Remorse

Often motorists get sticker shock or experience buyer’s remorse after buying a new car.  However, you can avoid this by considering the expenses that you will encounter in the future. According to experts, most consumers anticipate the price of the purchase, registration and taxes.  However, many people forget to factor in the price of insurance […]

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