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Archive for November 21st, 2009

What Are The Best Family Cars?

When it comes time to purchase a family car, there are several considerations.  First, you have to think about having plenty of seats and cargo space so your family is comfortable.  Next, you need to find a car with good fuel economy, low maintenance costs, dependability and most importantly, safety.  That is a lot to […]

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Men Get Turned On By Fast Driving

As it turns out, the stereotypes happen to be true.  Expensive vehicles and fast driving cause men’s testosterone levels to spike, reveals a study from Concordia University John Molson School of Business. The study involved 39 men who volunteered.  Each of the men was told to drive down a pedestrian loaded street, as well as […]

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Mazda’s New Start-Stop Engine

BMW already uses a start-stop engine for their non-hybrid European 1 and 3 Series, but Mazda is in the process of developing a version that is more efficient.  Mazda’s system that has been independently developed is called Smart Idle Stop System.  According to the company, this system will improve fuel-efficiency by around 10%. The unique […]

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New Safety Standards Reduce Car Accidents

For car accidents in the future, a circuit may be as crucial to safety as seat belts.  In the 1960’s, Congress made safety belts mandatory, which has reduced deaths drastically.  Now, a new safety revolution is going on.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made electronic stability control equipment mandatory in all cars.  This […]

It’s Easy To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

With the high gas prices and poor economy, drivers are feeling the pinch.  And while you don’t have control over costs, such as gas prices, maintenance, and an auto warranty, you do have the power to maintain your vehicle’s value by making it last longer.  Your choice is to buy a new vehicle every few […]

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Don’t Neglect The Exterior Of Your Car

Many people maintain their car under the hood but neglect their car’s exterior.  To freshen up your car and make it look brand new, follow these simple tips. To care for your car’s exterior start by giving it a comprehensive washing.  You’ll want to remove all of the mud and grime that has built up […]

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Use A Loan Calculator Before Going To A Dealership

It is helpful to use a car loan calculator to determine what the cost for a new or used car purchase will be monthly. These can be found online with options for buying or leasing.  This is a helpful tool in determining what your budget actually is and how much car you can afford.  Just […]

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