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Archive for November 11th, 2009

Beware Of Odometer Fraud

Used car buyers need to be aware of a common scam; odometer fraud.  This is the act of rolling back the odometer on a car.  This deceives buyers into thinking a vehicle has fewer miles than it really does.  It is estimated that this crime leads to sales of around 450,000 vehicles every year. Also […]

Fuel Efficient Vehicles Aren’t Necessarily Small

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that small cars aren’t as safe as big vehicles, back in 1997.  Yet, today there are more small cars than ever.  Small vehicles aren’t the only way to accomplish fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.  There are now light construction materials that can accomplish this feat on larger vehicles.  In […]

It May Be Harder To Put The Pedal To The Metal In A Nissan

Soon, Nissan Motor Co. will put out vehicles that push back if drivers attempt to put their pedal to the metal.  Also, Nissan has been busy developing a test model that is loaded with added sensor technology in order to make cars crash-free. The safety features that Nissan unveiled this week are among the latest […]

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