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Archive for May 15th, 2008

Using An Auto Auction Website

If you want to buy a cheap, used vehicle, you might want to check out an auto auction website.  A good place to start is  This website features cars that have been seized by the government.  Motorists can select the type and model of car that they would like to purchase, and also the […]

The Importance Of An Alternator

When people think about a car engine, they often don’t realize the significance of the alternator.  The alternator is crucial, because without it the engine won’t run.  The power train gets its power from the alternator. Alternators were made so that mechanical energy could be converted into an alternating current.  To make this happen, the […]

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How Does A Fancy Paint Job Affect Your Car’s Resale Value?

If you are shopping for vehicles, you may realize that some cars cost more because of the paint job.  Paint can add an extra expense of up to $1,000.  This can feel like a big expense after factoring in other vehicle expenses, such as maintenance and new car warranties.  It’s difficult for people to believe […]

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