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Archive for May 25th, 2008

Places To Purchase A Used Car

Today, there are many different options of places to buy pre-owned vehicles.  You can shop from your own home via the Internet, use a car dealership, or use a private owner.  These are all good options if you take the time to do some homework. Search used vehicle websites if you plan on shopping from […]

Volkswagen Is Increasing Production

Volkswagen is planning on putting out 20 new cars in the next three years.  They are making an international effort to deliver eight million vehicles by 2011. Volkswagen intends on producing cars in all of the various categories.  However, their plan places an emphasis on market share in the pickup, SUV, and van categories.  The […]

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The 2008 BMW M3

The 2008 BMW M3 coupe is an amazing new vehicle that is powerful and slick. It features a double-disc clutch, as well as a 6-speed transmission that is nothing but race-quality. It has an onboard electronic system that evaluates road conditions at 200 million times a second, which allows the vehicle to know exactly what […]

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