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Archive for May 19th, 2008

What To Look For When Buying A Sedan

What are the benefits of buying a sedan?  Sedans offer a balance of handling, performance, fuel-efficiency, access and safety.  They handle well in many driving situations.  Unless you require an excessive amount of cargo space, they are a good option. There are many choices when it comes to sedans.  You can buy a small, large, […]

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What Your Car Says About You

Do you realize that your vehicle is talking?  Your car says a great deal about your attitude and personality.  It’s true when they say we are what we drive.  Vehicle enthusiasts believe that our cars are a window into our souls. Carmakers claim that the decline of the minivan is partly because of people not […]

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Beware Of Water Damage To A Vehicle

It is a huge disappointment to buy a vehicle just to find out that it literally has an ocean of problems. Unfortunately, there are a large number of vehicles on the market within the last five years that have experienced flooding, rain or hurricanes.  In fact, the number of cars has doubled.  In certain states […]

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