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Archive for May 31st, 2008

The Safest Cars For 2008

Consumers who want to buy a new car have several concerns: reliability, safety and new car warranties. Recently, The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety listed the thirty-six 2008 vehicles that they rate highest for safety. Which cars are there favorites? The Toyota Tundra was the only pickup truck that made the list. Its main safety […]

What State Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance?

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently performed a study to determine what the best and worst states are in the country for auto insurance.  According to the study, you are paying the highest insurance premiums if you live in the Northeast. New Jersey proved to be the most expensive state.  On average, premiums in […]

What Are The Various Four Wheel Drive Systems?

These days many vehicles are being offered with 4WD systems. It can be difficult for consumers wanting to purchase a car with 4WD to distinguish between the different systems. There is Part Time 4WD, Full Time 4WD and permanent 4WD. So, what’s the difference? The most basic of the 4WD systems is Part Time. This […]

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What To Do If You Get A Speeding Ticket

There are millions of traffic tickets issued out every year in the U.S., which often cost over $100. This is a billion dollar business in our country. Paying the ticket through the mail is essentially admitting that you’re guilty. Also, you will have the ticket on your record at the DMV for up to three […]

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