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Archive for May 1st, 2009

How To Determine If A Used Car Is A Lemon

One tactic that people use to sell a pre-owned car is to detail it until it looks brand new.  However, beware, a motor that is steam-cleaned won’t fix a gasket that is blown.  This is why it is important to purchase an auto warranty. Having said that, dealerships that are reputable typically won’t try to […]

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Will Buying A Hybrid Save You Money In The Long Run?

Well, it is obvious that hybrids are the wave of the future. Motorists are spending a lot of money on maintenance, new car warranties and financing, and need to save on fuel costs.  So, is it worth it to buy a hybrid to save money at the gas pump?  Let’s take a look. To see […]

What Type Of Vehicle Is Right For You?

Today, there are many options when purchasing a vehicle.  You can buy new, used or certified pre-owned.  However, many people just love the feeling of having that new car.  How do you know if a new car is right for you? If you are one of those people who take great pride in the ownership […]

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