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Archive for May 21st, 2009

Reports Show That V-8s Are A Thing Of The Past

The legendary and powerful V-8 engine is finding its place in history, because very few new cars are using it, according to U.S. car industry reports.  Consumers want to protect themselves with fuel-efficient vehicles that have an auto warranty, and aren’t purchasing vehicles with V-8 engines. The majority of carmakers are deciding not to put […]

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How To Keep Your Car Scratch Free

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting event in most people’s lives.  People often want to flaunt their priceless possessions for everyone to see.  Drivers purchase an auto warranty to protect their jewels, and treat their cars with loving care. In addition, they try not to let their vehicle get any scratches. A car that […]

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Buying A Used Car Can Mean Big Savings

If you’re dreaming of purchasing a new vehicle, but can’t afford the high payment, you’re in luck.  You can switch out your car without going into debt.  To get more value for your money buy pre-owned. The second that a new car rolls out of the dealership, it drops in price.  In fact, you will […]

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