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Archive for May 29th, 2009

Roof-Strength Tests

A new rating system for roof-strength has been launched by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and has conducted its first tests on small SUVs.  Unfortunately, only four out of the twelve vehicles tested managed to get a Good rating, which is the top rating. The SUVs that scored the Good rating were the Honda […]

Why Satellite Navigation Devices May Be Dangerous

Satellite navigation devices, or the popular GPS interfaces that many motorists have in their vehicles, are, partly responsible for a large share of accidents and driving practices that are risky. With about half of the motorists on the roads having access to devices such as these in their vehicles, it appears that this technology has […]

Is There Proper Etiquette When It Comes To Ordering Parts?

Most people don’t realize that there is certain etiquette involved when ordering parts at the parts counter.  Following this etiquette will allow you to get the parts that you want without unnecessary hassle and keep you from driving the staff crazy. When you go to a parts counter at a dealership you need to have […]

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