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Archive for May 22nd, 2009

Is Leasing A Good Option?

Car shoppers are always questioning whether they should lease or buy.  But, here’s another question for shoppers: Will you even be able to lease your next vehicle? U.S. carmakers’ financial subsidiaries have had to cut back on their leasing program, because of lower used-car values, especially with large vehicles. Based on reports of poor earnings, […]

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Take Your Time When Shopping For Auto Insurance

Many motorists neglect to put enough effort into shopping for car insurance.  Often, people just grab the first price they encounter or accept rate increases that are routine without shopping around the market for the best deal.  Consumers need to compare the coverage in addition to the price of the policy.  It’s disappointing when you […]

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Tactics For Saving On A Used Car

So, you’ve done your research.  You’ve been to numerous car dealers with quotes from the Internet, so you know what is out there.  You know all about rebates, and have learned how to negotiate.  However, you still can’t find the right car for the right price.  Never fear, there is a car out there for […]

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