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Archive for May 9th, 2009

How To Avoid Buying A New Car

Buying a car can be overwhelming, yet, keeping a car can even be worse.  Enticing television ads and the lure on the web can make it hard to resist buying a new car.  However, during this difficult economy, it makes sense not to give in to temptation. In America, people find it hard to stay […]

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A Common Scam Used Car Shoppers Should Be Aware Of

Used car buyers need to be aware of a common scam; odometer fraud.  This is the act of rolling back the odometer on a car.  This deceives buyers into thinking a vehicle has fewer miles than it really does.  It is estimated that this crime leads to sales of around 450,000 vehicles every year. Also […]

Nissan’s Solution To Fast Drivers

Soon, Nissan Motor Co. will put out vehicles that push back if drivers attempt to put their pedal to the metal.  Also, Nissan has been busy developing a test model that is loaded with added sensor technology in order to make cars crash-free. The safety features that Nissan unveiled are among the latest of carmakers’ […]

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