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How Has The SUV Market Changed?

There has been a drastically changing landscape for the SUV market over the past year.  Driven by the poor economy, truck-based and full-size SUVs have declined in favor of car-based SUVs that are smaller.  MSN Autos has also experienced this trend among car searches. The most popular SUV is the most popular, and best selling […]

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Minivans Offer Comfort And Convenience

Many people enjoy owning minivans because they offer various options for carrying cargo and passengers.  Depending on your needs, you can configure minivans in a variety of different ways.  Also, minivans now come with climate control in dual zones, as well as DVD systems.  These features offer great appeal to buyers, especially families. There is […]

The New Pontiac G8 GXP

The 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP with 402 hp will give performance sedans that are already established a run for their money.  The GXP is listed at $37,610, which is at least $1,000 cheaper than the Dodge Charger SRT8 and you still get an impressive auto warranty. The GXP has a 402 hp, 6.2-liter V-8 engine […]

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How Do Midsized SUVs Rate In Safety?

Most people believe that SUVs are the safest vehicles on the road; however, recent test results show that midsize SUVs may not offer the best safety.  In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that a lot of cars produced better results in crash tests than six midsize SUVs. The SUVs tested were the […]

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All About Car Struts

Almost every vehicle that has front wheel-drive uses car struts on the front.  They aren’t just shock absorbers.  They integrate many different suspension parts into one assembly.  Included are the spring seats, coil spring, shock absorbers, steering knuckle, and strut bearing. The shock absorber is the part of the strut that is commonly serviced the […]

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Car Designs Are Stronger Than Ever

Automakers have been redesigning vehicles so that they are stronger than ever.  They have achieved this by using lightweight materials, allowing cars to be more fuel-efficient. This technology makes vehicles more durable, cutting down on road service calls.  Also, it is saving numerous lives. The only disadvantage to these new, stronger materials is that rescue […]

Drive Defensively To Avoid Accidents

A defensive driver is someone who is always on guard and prepared for what could happen.  They are cautious, yet are able to take action and not put their fate in other drivers’ hands.  The National Safety Council has revealed that driver error accounts for 77% of accidents.  This number can be cut significantly by […]

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What To Do If You Get In A Car Accident

Car accidents are scary and usually happen unexpectedly.  An accident leaves motorists feeling shocked and stunned, and often, they don’t know what to do next.  Here are some important steps to take in this situation. Of course the first thing to do is call 911 in the event of an injury.  Also, always contact the […]

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Prepare Your Car For The Summer Heat

With summer approaching, it is important to maintain your car.  The heat is unavoidable and it can do great damage to your vehicle.  Here are a few tips to prepare your car for summer that will help you avoid calling for road service.  In addition, used car warranties will give you peace of mind in […]

Smart Isn’t Overly Confident

Smart, which is a Daimler-Benz subsidiary, has been able to sell more than 17,000 ForTwos since they launched the small two-seater in America.  However, there are approximately 30,000 potential buyers who have been put on waiting lists. Even so, the carmaker doesn’t intend on increasing their output in order to put supply in line with […]

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