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Archive for July 10th, 2010

What Are Your Teen’s Driving Habits?

Teens are known for making driving mistakes, which unfortunately can result in car accidents. This leaves parents feeling anxious, not knowing if their teen driver is safe. There are numerous devices out there that allow parents to track their teenage drivers.  However, now parents can track their teen right from their own keychain. Many technologies […]

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Be Proactive To Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

Every once and awhile it’s necessary to clean up your vehicle and make it look nice again.  Here are a few things that you can do to make your car look brand new. Caring for your car means starting with a comprehensive washing.  You need to get off all of the mud, grime, and road […]

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Maintaining Your Vehicle Allows It To Perform At Its Best

In order for a vehicle to maintain its peak performance motorists must get routine maintenance and service.  This will also keep your car prepared for difficult driving conditions that come up. Purchasing used car warranties is a good idea so that you don’t dread taking in your car just to find that it requires additional […]

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