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Archive for July 23rd, 2010

Why You May Need A Minivan

Most people find minivans appealing because they have the ability to carry cargo and people in different combinations.  You can configure them for a variety of needs.  They are offered with climate control in dual zones and have DVD systems in the rear.  These features make the minivan popular with different buyers, especially families. Minivans […]

Things You Should Do On A Test Drive

A test drive is a necessary step when buying a new car.  But once you sit in the driver’s seat you have a limited time to make some crucial decisions.  What do you need to look out for? First of all it is important to take your time.  Make sure you walk around the vehicle […]

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Why Are Teens Waiting To Get Their Driver’s Licenses?

A recent survey shows that only 29% of teenagers receive their licenses when they become eligible.  This is considerably down from 1998 in which 43% of teens received their licenses when they were eligible.  This is almost a 50% decrease. Some reasons that the numbers have changed are parents who are willing to drive teens, […]

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