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Archive for July 20th, 2010

Smart Cars Are Small But Safe

Smart cars are becoming more and more popular because of the downsizing trend.  But many consumers have reservations about the safety of this car because of its 8 feet long, 5 feet tall dimensions.  So how does the Smart car measure up in safety? According to crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway […]

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Simple Ways To Help Avoid A Car Accident

Every year thousands of people are killed in car accidents.  Many of these crashes could have been avoided with some simple safety knowledge.  Here are some tips to keep your driving experience pleasant and help you avoid dangerous accidents. First of all, if your are taking any medicines, double check your product label to see […]

It May Be Time For A New Alternator

When thinking of the engine, most people don’t consider how important the alternator is.  In fact, the alternator is indispensable because the engine won’t run without it.  The alternator is the source where the power train derives power. Alternators were created in order to convert mechanical energy into a current that is alternating.  In order […]

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