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Archive for July 28th, 2010

How To Paint Your Car Without Spending A Fortune

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting event in most people’s lives.  People often want to flaunt their priceless possessions for everyone to see.  Drivers purchase an auto warranty to protect their jewels, and treat their cars with loving care. In addition, they try not to let their vehicle get any scratches. A car that […]

What’s Impressive About The Coda Electric Car?

How many people would shell out $45,000 for a little electric car made by the Chinese that has a driving range of 100 miles?  Even though it comes with new car warranties and may be eligible to get a tax credit of $7,500, there may not be a lot of people willing to pay the […]

Finding An Affordable Family Vehicle

It can be difficult to find a car that is suitable for the needs of a family.  In fact, consumers can often feel overwhelmed with all of the choices.  So, what are some necessary considerations when purchasing a family car? First, most families are in search of an affordable vehicle.  This typically means that the […]

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