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Archive for July 17th, 2010

Is Your Car All Washed Up?

There is nothing worse that purchasing a car and finding out that it has an ocean of problems, literally. Why?  The number of cars on the market in the last five years that have been damaged by flooding, hurricanes or rains has doubled.  Certain states have actually reported an increase of six times more than […]

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What To Do If Your Brakes Squeal

Brake pad vibrations that result in a high-pitched noise are the cause of brake squeal.  When pads don’t have proper insulation from the caliper, vibration occurs.  The factory will equip brake pads with insulator shims, clips, and even a silicone backing that allows the pad to stay glued to the caliper.  This helps to prevent […]

Is Your Repair Shop Up To Par?

Many motorists struggle to find a repair shop that they feel is trustworthy.  While some motorists feel comfortable taking their car to the dealership, others prefer going to an independent repair shop.  So, which one is better? You will find several advantages to going to the dealership for repairs.  First of all, dealerships pay for […]

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Volvo’s New Safety Advancements Assist Drivers

Volvo already has a good reputation for its impressive safety features.  Yet, Volvo has recently debuted new safety technologies.  To improve their safety features Volvo has built on its current safety features. Volvo’s latest safety package is available on the Volvo XC60.  The package has the purpose of assisting distracted drivers. One impressive safety feature […]

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Why People Seek Powerful Looking Vehicles

Terms like geometric morphometrics and pareidolia aren’t generally important to people designing or buying cars, however they were significant in a recent study that found that people see faces when looking at vehicles, and typically they prefer ones that look powerful. Pareidolia is an occurrence in which people actually see faces in various things from […]

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