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What’s Impressive About The Coda Electric Car?

How many people would shell out $45,000 for a little electric car made by the Chinese that has a driving range of 100 miles?  Even though it comes with new car warranties and may be eligible to get a tax credit of $7,500, there may not be a lot of people willing to pay the […]

Finding An Affordable Family Vehicle

It can be difficult to find a car that is suitable for the needs of a family.  In fact, consumers can often feel overwhelmed with all of the choices.  So, what are some necessary considerations when purchasing a family car? First, most families are in search of an affordable vehicle.  This typically means that the […]

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Hyundai’s Latest Genesis Coupe

Hyundai has introduced many new car models lately, but the Genesis Coupe might be the most exciting. The Coupe is styled aggressively, and was actually emulated after an animal that was predatory.  This is obvious when looking at the headlights, which are angled, and the twisting lines that fall below the waistline. This vehicle doesn’t […]

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Why The Honda Fit Is Appealing

The Honda Fit made its first appearance in Japan in 2001 and is now being sold around the world.  It has earned many awards, such as “Car of the Year” in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  So why is the Fit so special? Honda says that the Fit is targeted to people […]

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Graduated Licensing Helps Protect Teen Drivers

When a teenager turns 16 years old, they are excited to get their drivers license.  Unfortunately, teens have more driving accidents than any other age group.  For the majority of teen drivers, the question isn’t whether they are going to have an accident, but when they are going to have an accident. Inexperience is the […]

How The SUV Market Is Changing

There has been a drastically changing landscape for the SUV market over the past year.  Driven by the poor economy, truck-based and full-size SUVs have declined in favor of car-based SUVs that are smaller.  MSN Autos has also experienced this trend among car searches. The most popular SUV is the most popular, and best selling […]

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Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Used Car?

Today, there are many different options of places to buy pre-owned vehicles.  You can shop from your own home via the Internet, use a car dealership, or use a private owner.  These are all good options if you take the time to do some homework. Search used vehicle websites if you plan on shopping from […]

Why Certified Pre-Owned Cars Are Great

Here’s a question for car shoppers:  What has the low sticker price of a pre-owned vehicle with the auto warranty and reliability of a new vehicle?  The answer is a certified pre-owned vehicle. CPO is a term that the auto industry uses to describe used vehicles with low-mileage that are late models.  These vehicles have […]

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Why You May Need A Minivan

Most people find minivans appealing because they have the ability to carry cargo and people in different combinations.  You can configure them for a variety of needs.  They are offered with climate control in dual zones and have DVD systems in the rear.  These features make the minivan popular with different buyers, especially families. Minivans […]

Things You Should Do On A Test Drive

A test drive is a necessary step when buying a new car.  But once you sit in the driver’s seat you have a limited time to make some crucial decisions.  What do you need to look out for? First of all it is important to take your time.  Make sure you walk around the vehicle […]

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