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Motor Oil-Facts Not Friction

 Motor Oil

Many people don’t know how to select motor oil that will get them optimum performance levels from their vehicles. People usually simply select the oil their parents used or they take the suggestion of a counter person at an auto parts store. There are many differences in motor oils and choosing the right one can have an impact on how well your vehicle runs. Selecting the right oil is a quick, cheap way to improve your vehicle’s performance.  Regardless of what type of oil you use, whether you have a new car or a used car you are still eventually going to face a major repair bill sooner or later. That is why an auto warranty is a necessity. A new car warranty or a used car warranty can provide its owner with peace of mind.  When auto repairs are necessary, the owners are protected from the high cost of automobile repairs. 

Two components determine how well motor oil will perform in your car. One factor is the base oil, and the other is the combination of chemicals (additives) that are added to the base oil. The two primary types of base oils used are mineral and synthetic. Mineral oils are by-products of refined crude oil. Refining helps reduce the impurities but leaves molecules of all shapes and sizes. Synthetic oils are manmade compounds whose molecules are all the same size and shape; consequently, synthetic oil has less friction and performs significantly better than mineral oils.

Auto warranty – New owners rest easy thanks to the manufacturer’s service

In the excitement of purchasing a car, one should not forget the other formalities and details involved. There are certain documents that need to be exchanged; registration deed needs to be transferred to the name of the new owner, the insurance details passed on and so on. Along with these there should also be the auto warranty, if not then the buyer must insist on one. This will give him the freedom to use the vehicle with the reassurance that the manufacturer will provide necessary service at times of break down or failures.
The auto warranty document is applicable to all vehicles, irrespective of car model, and year of manufacture. The only thing that might differ is the duration or miles covered in this, it could be valid for 2years or 15000 miles or could cover repairs for 5-10years or 10000 -100000 miles. The buyer must be aware of the items that come under the warranty and what does not, so he will know what is his responsibility and which are that of the manufacturers. In case the duration is very less, then they can go in for an extended warranty, available at a nominal cost payable once a year.

A flexible warranty

A warranty is a repair and maintenance service provided by a product manufacturer for a period of time as per rules. The warranty is necessitated to protect the interest of customers. All consumer oriented goods carry a warranty. Under US law, selling a consumer product without an appropriate warranty, amounts to unethical business practice. The warranty is issued by the dealer in association with the product manufacturer. The warranty is issued to all categories of products, including automobiles. The warranty issued to automobiles is called auto warranty. Opt for a flexible warranty.
The auto warranty period ranges between three months and three years depending on the requirement of the car owner. Some long-term auto warranty promises plenty of features. It is advisable that motorists go in for a short-term warranty to begin with. This helps the car owner in changing the service provider if the warranty is not satisfactory. Therefore, opt for a flexible warranty to begin with. If you find it difficult to select an auto warranty, it is suggested that you hire the services of a professional auto consultant. Those not aware of the rules governing warranty are also advised to hire auto consultants.

Opt for a comprehensive warranty

Warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to replace a faulty spare part if found defective during a specified period. The warranty period ranges up to two years or more depending on the product. Warranty is offered all types of consumer products, including cars. Warranty given to cars is called auto warranty. While selecting an auto warranty, opt for a comprehensive warranty.  

Generally, the auto warranty takes care of the repair and maintenance of a vehicle’s power train, drive train, engine, brake system and steering system. A comprehensive warranty offers more benefits. The entire car is taken care under the comprehensive warranty. It takes care of the vehicle end-to-end. A comprehensive warranty is also called bumper-to-bumper warranty. However, the comprehensive warranty is expensive when compared to other categories.  

Auto warranty is issued to both new cars and used cars. The warranty issued to new cars is called new car warranty and the warranty issued to used cars is called used car warranty. When compared to new car warranty, the price of the used car warranty is expensive. Take utmost care while selecting warranty for either categories of the car. Hire an auto consultant to purchase a used car warranty.

Go for reputed warranty

A warranty is a written statement, which binds a product manufacturer to service and repair a product for a period of time. The period will be up to a two years from the date of the sale of the product. This is called warranty period. During this period, if any genuine manufacturing defect is detected, it has to be rectified by the manufacturer. There have been instances of the manufacturer replacing the entire product. This rule applies to all consumer products, including cars. The warranty issued to cars is called auto warranty. One should be aware of the auto warranty tips before purchasing an appropriate warranty for the car. The first and foremost rule is that go for a reputed warranty. 
Before finalizing the warranty for your car, check with your friends and colleagues about the quality of service offered by the auto dealers. The warranty is issued by the auto dealer in association with the car manufacturer and a third party agent. Normally, the auto dealer has an agreement with at least three different third party agents responsible for implementing the terms and conditions of the warranty. Therefore, it is advised that at least three different auto warranty offers are reviewed. 

Buy a flexible warranty

Warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to replace it in full or in part if found defective within a specified period of time. The manufacturer is also responsible for repairing and maintaining the product during the warranty period. Normally, the warranty is issued for a period of up to two years from the date of this sale. During this period, if there is a genuine manufacturing defect in the product, it has to be replaced or repaired to meet the customer’s satisfaction. The warranty is issued to all kinds of products, including cars. The warranty issued to cars and automobiles is called auto warranty. It is advisable to purchase a flexible auto warranty. 

The auto warranty comes in two categories. Warranty is issued against the basis of time and distance covered by the vehicle. For instance, the warranty will be issued up to two years from the date of sale of the vehicle. The warranty is also issued for up to 30,000 miles covered by the vehicle. Some warranties are amalgamation of the distance and time. The warranty will be valid till whichever term expires first. Therefore, opt for a flexible auto warranty. It will give you the liberty of changing the service provider.

Hire a auto consultant

An Auto warranty is similar to a person’s life insurance policy. Therefore, one must be very careful while selecting a warranty for the vehicle. Warranty is a genuine service offered by the vehicle manufacturer to replace faulty spare parts of the car if the fault is detected with a specified period of time from the date of its sale. Spare parts, which come with manufacturing defect, are replaced immediately.

In an auto warranty, there are two categories. They include used car warranty issued to pre-owned cars and those sold in the aftermarket and new car warranty, given to brand new cars. New car warranty is cheaper when compared to a used car warranty considering the risks involved. Therefore, it is recommended that car owners hire an auto consultant before selecting the right warranty.
Review at least five different auto warranty offers from various agencies before making the choice. This exercise will help you in determining the different services offered by the agencies. The vehicle manufacturer, usually, has tie-ups with multiple agencies. Though the services offered are more or less the same, some agencies offer better services to attract customers. They include complementary services also. Therefore, check out the features of all service providers.

Lemon law rules

A warranty is an assurance given by a product manufacturer to replace a faulty part of the product or the entire product if it is found defective within a specified period of time from the date of the purchase. Warranty is also issued to cars. There are two categories of car warranty. They are used car warranty and new car warranty. There is separate law for new car warranty and used car warranty.

Every state in the US follows the used car warranty law, which is also called lemon law, because of its protective nature. The law makes it mandatory for the car manufacturer to provide error free services. The law also protects car owners against fraudulent warranties in circulation in the market. Under the law, a used car owner can drag the service provider for deficient service.
While purchasing a used car warranty, consult an auto expert. Review at least five different warranty offers before settling for one. The consultant will also explain the rules under used car warranty. The same are also available in the form of brochure with the car dealer. Go through the rules carefully before buying the warranty. The premium for used car warranty is higher when compared to new car warranty considering the age of the vehicle.

Utilize Your New Car Warranty To Its Max!

A number of new cars and other vehicles develop problems very soon after being bought. Most of the times, a new car does not have any serious problems and most malfunctioning are due to a loose nut or bolt somewhere. However, getting your car diagnosed and repaired will still cost you money, and paying all this repair money is quite bothersome after you have already shelled out a fortune on your new vehicle. At times like these, a new car warranty is the best thing that can happen to you or your car.
A new car warranty covers almost all repairs and replacements that occur due to manufacturing defects and the manufacturer or your dealer either repairs your car free of charge or reimburses you for the repairs in case you get them done somewhere else. However, you must keep in mind that most new car warranties do not cover damages or defects caused to any part of the machinery due to normal wear and tear. Most warranties do not cover tires and cover batteries for only a portion of the total warranty period, since these parts are more prone to be damaged by use. Therefore, it is advised that you check your warranty for parts covered before getting your car repaired, and take it to your dealer for repairs in case the repairs you require are covered by the warranty.

Warranty for brand new cars

Warranty refers to repair and maintenance service offered to vehicles by auto dealers in association with a third party agent. Warranty also covers some replacement of spare parts. There are two categories of warranties. The first is called new car warranty issued to brand new cars. The second category is called used car warranty meant for vehicles sold in the aftermarket or pre-owned cars.

The new car warranty is issued on two bases. The first basis is the time. For instance, the warranty period ranges between three months to three years from the date of the sale of the car. The second basis is time. The warranty is issued for vehicles covering up to 3,000 miles or 30,000 miles. The choice of opting either of the categories is up to the vehicle owner. Always, choose a flexible package. For, if the service rendered is not up to the mark, you have the opportunity of changing the warranty provider.
Review at least five different warranty packages. The warranty covers the repair and maintenance of the vehicle’s engine, power train, drive train, steering system and brake mechanism for a fixed period of time.

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