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Archive for September 6th, 2007

Points to Consider Before Buying A Used Car Warranty

Having a used car warranty has a lot of advantages for vehicle owners. Cars do require more repairs and replacements with increased usage and while a used car warranty will not cover all the costs that you might incur, it will still save you from shelling out as much money as you would end up […]

Why A Good Warranty is Required for a Used Car

Having a used car warranty is more important than having any kind of warranty on a new car because like all machines, your car will also start developing problems with increase in age and usage. While a new car would hardly ask for repairs or replacements, they would become a regular feature of car care […]

How To Choose The Best Warranty for Your Car

A warranty is provided by auto dealers and manufacturers, where they undertake the maintenance and repairs of vehicles sold for a specified period of time. It serves as a guarantee that the vehicle will perform as specified by the manufacturers and all deviations would be covered by the manufacturer for a specified period of time […]

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