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Archive for September 11th, 2007

Auto warranty tips – Read up before diving into the pool of words

  It is easy to save money and go decide on the car you want and make the purchase. But the process after this is the tedious one and must not be skipped at any cost. One must take down some valuable auto warranty tips to make sure they don’t get cheated or lose out […]

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Auto warranty – Let the company worry and shell out

  When purchasing an automobile, be it a car or an SUV or a truck, there needs to be a warranty that comes along with the sale document. This Auto warranty is a reassurance for the buyer that the company will take care of all minor and major repairs that occur within a pre determined […]

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Used car warranty law – Worry not, law is the jacket to protect you

  For those who are interested in owning a car or any four-wheel drive but can’t afford to go in for a new one, they can always buy a used car. But the key point to be noted here is that the manufacturer must follow the used car warranty law and do the needful. This […]

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