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Archive for September 12th, 2007

Auto warranty tips – Be well informed, to avoid nasty surprises

The warranty giving along with a product or vehicle is like a guarantee given by the manufacturer. That is, incase of any mechanical faults, they will carry out repairs free of cost. This saves the buyer a lot of time and money and he can enjoy having the vehicle to drive around.  Some of the […]

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Auto warranty – New owners rest easy thanks to the manufacturer’s service

In the excitement of purchasing a car, one should not forget the other formalities and details involved. There are certain documents that need to be exchanged; registration deed needs to be transferred to the name of the new owner, the insurance details passed on and so on. Along with these there should also be the […]

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Used car warranty law

For every person who wants to enjoy some form of luxury, owning a car is the first step. They either go in for a brand new car or seek out options related to a used car. The latter is sought after in case of lack of sufficient funds. Numerous used cars are available and all […]

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