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Archive for September 27th, 2007

Review multiple warranty offers

Auto warranty tips refer to care need to be taken at the time of purchasing an auto warranty. Utmost care is required while purchasing the warranty since it is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake the review of multiple warranty offers placed by the auto dealer […]

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Buy a flexible warranty

Auto warranty refers to a service under which the car manufacturer assures to replace a faulty or defective part in full or part within a specified period of time from the date of its sale. There are occasions when the entire car unit is replaced for defective manufacturing. The auto warranty takes care of the […]

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Vehicle warranty

All products, irrespective of the manufacturer, are liable for replacement if found defective with a specified period of time from the date of its sale. The product may be replaced in full or in part depending on the nature of the defect. This practice is called warranty is a recognized business process. Any business process […]

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