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Archive for September 10th, 2007

Auto warranty tips – Better be aware and keep worry at bay

During the process of selecting and buying a car or any vehicle, it is important to keep in mind that the auto warranty needs to be a part of the deal. There are certain auto warranty tips that one must follow in order to get the maximum benefit and to rest easy for the years […]

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Freedom at a reasonable price

Once the purchase or sale transaction has been completed, the documents pertaining to the car – such as registration, insurance and the auto warranty must be handed over to the new buyer. The person who is making the purchase should make sure to take the warranty details, and also check with the dealer or manufacturer […]

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Used car warranty law- Prevent any unpleasant surprises

Once a person decides to get his own vehicle, the first option is a four-wheel drive, and it’s not always that they have enough funding for a new car. At times like this used cars are the best alternative as the buyer gets to choose from a range of cars in good running condition. Not […]

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