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Archive for September 18th, 2007

Auto warranty – safety on road always

Whatever type of vehicle you own, an auto warranty is most imperative. An auto warranty can cover many services, which might cost you a fortune. By enabling an auto warranty the car company promises to serve your car repair or replacement needs in a subsidized rate or sometimes some services are even offered for free. […]

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Used car warranty – old can always stay as gold

You need to be very careful when you buy old or used cars. You never actually know in what condition the car is before you really start using it. The engine might be all worn out and in bad shape the alignment of tiers might be bad, you might need to have some new spare […]

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New car warranty – assurance for quality

Planning to buy a new car? Always look for a warranty or guarantee along with your new car purchase. Your car might be new but still it might encounter some problems or you might find certain parts functioning with less satisfaction. This is where the new car warranty helps to get a free or low […]

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