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How Safe Is Your Child’s Booster Seat?

Here is some information that parents hate to hear: the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested booster seats for safety and found that 13 models out of the 41 that were tested rated so poorly in the area of seat belt fit that they aren’t recommended by the IIHS.  Parents try to do everything possible […]

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BMW Focuses On Profit, Not Brand Identity

According to the BMW Blog, the CS Concept that was unveiled at the New York auto show this past spring isn’t going to ever see the light of day in production.  Due to the current problems with the financial market, BMW brass had a change of mind about the possibility of a $100,000-plus-range car. For […]

Maintain Your Battery To Ensure It Lasts Longer

People need to realize that in today’s cars the main source of power is still the battery.  The battery is not just used to start the engine; it is also used to supply electrical energy that maintains the memory of the numerous computers onboard.  Batteries and cable connections that are poorly maintained fail to supply […]

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GMAC Makes Auto Lending Restrictions More Lenient

The financing arm of GM announced that it would ease up on credit restrictions and even waive some dealer fees in order for more consumers to be able to get auto loans.  GMAC is going to make available $5 billion to new car buyers out there, which will hopefully pump up sales figures that have […]

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