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Archive for April 11th, 2009

Will The Minivan Survive?

Regardless of if the economy is in its death throes, the children still need to be able to get to soccer, ballet, or baseball practice.  That means that the minivan will survive. There has been a great deal of focus on falling truck and SUV sales, but the minivan has also experienced a slump lately.  […]

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GM Improves On Its Used Car Warranties

General Motors recently announced that it is extending an auto warranty offer on its certified used trucks and cars, citing quality gains and less auto warranty-funded repairs. GM claims it will begin to offer a 12-month, 12,000-mile auto warranty that is “bumper to bumper” on all certified used trucks and cars that are eligible for […]

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What Is The “Fiesta Movement”?

Getting the word out about a new product that meets the driving needs of young people, or a cynical attempt at branding oneself as “hip” by latching onto Millenials? This question must be asked after the announcement by Ford about its scheme for advertising for the Fiesta, which is the European compact car that Ford […]

Ford’s New Sync Entertainment System

A recent study by Ford shows that its Sync entertainment system causes drivers to be less distracted than with other entertainment systems, according to the carmaker. Ford claims that this assessment is due to the fact that voice commands are used with Sync, which causes drivers to look away from the road about two seconds […]

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Mitsubishi Confirms The I MiEV Electric Car Is Coming To The U.S.

Mitsubishi just confirmed that in the near future it would sell an electric car in the U.S. that is fairly inexpensive. This small electric vehicle is called the i MiEV, which is short for Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, and will be one of the very first EVs that will be mass-produced on the global scene, […]

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