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Archive for April 9th, 2009

Diesels Are Becoming Clean

A diesel engine used to elicit a wince from people who associated diesels with engine noise, a not so pleasant smell, and blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe.  However, this is changing.  Diesel engines will soon elicit a positive response. The new generation diesels are considered clean.  They use a very low sulfur diesel […]

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Find A Service Shop That You Can Trust

It may be tempting to go to one of the giant retail chains that seem to be popping up everywhere for auto service, but is it smart?  Well, there’s something to be said for building a relationship with your auto repair facility, and with a large chain, it’s not likely to happen. Think about it, […]

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Read The Fine Print With New Car Deals

Sometimes you can find great prices on a new vehicle, however, make sure you understand everything about the offers.  Often there are exclusions, restrictions, or limitations that you need to understand. Many car advertisements feature the big numbers in very large print, and scrunch down the unappealing stuff to mini print.  There are several things […]

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