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Archive for April 24th, 2009

Electric Cars May Strain Water Sources

Electric and hybrid cars are in great demand these days.  However, these cars also will come at a cost.  They will strain scarce resources for water, according to a new study. Every mile that is driven using electricity consumes approximately three times the water than a car using petrol.  Sciencedaily reported this. Michael Webber and […]

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What Does It Mean If Your “Check Engine” Light Comes On?

We’ve all been there.  You’re driving your vehicle when suddenly your check engine light comes on.  If you’re like the majority of motorists, you aren’t really sure what the light is telling you.  This could be the most misunderstood light on your dashboard because it can mean many different things.  If your check engine light […]

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How To Buy A Car Quickly, But Wisely

Ideally, people like to take their time to purchase a new vehicle, but some drivers just can’t wait a month or two.  A theft, accident, or breakdown may leave you scrambling for something to drive.  Here’s a strategy to help you buy quickly, but wisely. First, think about the car that you just had.  If […]

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