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Archive for April 15th, 2009

Great Cars That Have Experienced Tough Luck

It’s pretty obvious that carmakers are having a difficult time.  And just to make things even harder, some cars that are perfectly good don’t even get a fair shake.  One car model can be just as good as another one, yet consumers don’t give it the attention of a competing model. For instance, the Saab […]

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Now You Can Get Wi-Fi In Your Car

Microsoft’s latest attempt at vehicle technology appears to be promising.  Vi-Fi, or vehicle Wi-Fi, is Wi-Fi connections in vehicles.  Microsoft has partnered up with the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts in order to make Wi-Fi connections a reliable and steady experience, which hasn’t happened with offerings by cell phone makers and their […]

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The Acura ZDX Debuts At The NY Auto Show

The Acura ZDX was one of the car models that were the most intriguing at the 2009 New York auto show.  This car is part crossover, hatchback and sport vehicle.  According to Acura, this car is designed for the Baby Boomers, which has a growing population.  In fact, it is projected to be about 80 […]

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