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Archive for April 23rd, 2009

Help Keep Your Teen Safe On The Road

When teenagers turn 16 years old, they are excited to get their drivers license.  Unfortunately, teens have more driving accidents than any other age group.  For the majority of teen drivers, the question isn’t whether they are going to have an accident, but when they are going to have an accident. Inexperience is the main […]

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Is Your Car Performing At Its Best?

In order for a vehicle to maintain its peak performance motorists must get routine maintenance and service.  This will also keep your car prepared for difficult driving conditions that come up. Purchasing used car warranties is a good idea so that you don’t dread taking in your car just to find that it requires additional […]

How To Make Sure You Have A Low Car Payment

People love to get a new car, but they don’t love the new car payments. But, although you can’t avoid those monthly payments, you can keep them reasonable. And make sure to factor in other costs, such as new car warranties, maintenance, and auto loans. Here are some tips to keep those car payments down. […]

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