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Electric Cars May Strain Water Sources

Electric and hybrid cars are in great demand these days.  However, these cars also will come at a cost.  They will strain scarce resources for water, according to a new study. Every mile that is driven using electricity consumes approximately three times the water than a car using petrol.  Sciencedaily reported this. Michael Webber and […]

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What Does It Mean If Your “Check Engine” Light Comes On?

We’ve all been there.  You’re driving your vehicle when suddenly your check engine light comes on.  If you’re like the majority of motorists, you aren’t really sure what the light is telling you.  This could be the most misunderstood light on your dashboard because it can mean many different things.  If your check engine light […]

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How To Buy A Car Quickly, But Wisely

Ideally, people like to take their time to purchase a new vehicle, but some drivers just can’t wait a month or two.  A theft, accident, or breakdown may leave you scrambling for something to drive.  Here’s a strategy to help you buy quickly, but wisely. First, think about the car that you just had.  If […]

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Help Keep Your Teen Safe On The Road

When teenagers turn 16 years old, they are excited to get their drivers license.  Unfortunately, teens have more driving accidents than any other age group.  For the majority of teen drivers, the question isn’t whether they are going to have an accident, but when they are going to have an accident. Inexperience is the main […]

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Is Your Car Performing At Its Best?

In order for a vehicle to maintain its peak performance motorists must get routine maintenance and service.  This will also keep your car prepared for difficult driving conditions that come up. Purchasing used car warranties is a good idea so that you don’t dread taking in your car just to find that it requires additional […]

How To Make Sure You Have A Low Car Payment

People love to get a new car, but they don’t love the new car payments. But, although you can’t avoid those monthly payments, you can keep them reasonable. And make sure to factor in other costs, such as new car warranties, maintenance, and auto loans. Here are some tips to keep those car payments down. […]

The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Car

The recommended intervals for oil changes have increased a significant amount over the last ten years.  It used to be that oil changes were recommended every 3,000 miles, but now recommendations are for every 8,000 miles.  This is great news for drivers because it means less time at the mechanic and less money spent.  However, […]

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How Do You Know If Your Mechanic Is Trustworthy?

Unless you are actually a mechanic yourself, it may require a leap of faith to deal with a repair shop.  However, paying attention to your mechanic’s actions can give you clues to their honesty.  Here are some things to look out for. If your mechanic says you need to flush your engine right away, or […]

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What Do Women Want In A Car?

If you ask a woman if she would like to buy a Dodge Viper, chances are she will say “no”.  This car is a V-10 two seater that starts at approximately $80,000.  Although this may not be a woman’s cup of tea, studies show that many men would like to have this car.  Like many […]

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How Consumers Can Get The Best Car Deals

According to a recent report, new car shoppers could do a lot more to ensure that they get the best deals on insurance, financing and new car warranties. Only 64% of motorists said that they would ever attempt to negotiate the price of a new car.  Also, when planning on trading in their current vehicle, […]

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