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Archive for December 4th, 2007

Lemon law lawyer could be useful

Used Car lemon rules are different from one state to another the principle is similar. In 1982, the lemon law was passed. It entitles car purchasers to get a refund or replacement on flawed or latest car purchased under the lemon law. Many buyers consider that lemon law is time consuming as well as very […]

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What you need to look in your auto warranty?

Buying a latest model of a car is an exciting and thrilling experience for each and every one. When you are going to purchase a car it becomes very important for you to first check the package of auto warranty that follows your vehicle. Each and every car warranty offers one or the other new […]

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Tips On Buying Warranty For Used Cars

Buying a car warranty is an important consideration after buying a vehicle. An auto warranty ensures complete money back guarantee whenever you spend on car repairs and its maintenance. It does not matter whether you purchased a used car or a new car. You have to make sure you apply for the required warranty for […]

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