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Archive for December 27th, 2007

Warranty For Your Automobiles

Auto warranty is the promise given to a car owner during the purchase to cover all the repair and maintenance costs as mentioned in the warranty agreement. The service and maintenance is provided by an auto dealer, which in turn is provided indirectly by the manufacturers of the vehicles. During this time period the repairs […]

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Warranty For Lifetime

The manufacturer of a product provides warranty which is a promise to bear the costs of the product’s defective parts, replacements of the spare parts, and the maintenance and repair costs under the warranty time period from the time of purchase of the car. This is called warranty period. Within the warranty period, the car […]

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You Should Opt For The Flexible Warranty

Auto warranty tips are referred to thesupport given by a car dealer or a car manufacturer to caw owners. Before buying a car warranty, read the following tips. It is advised that every vehicle owner, who is not familiar with regulations and rules of car warranty, should seek advice of an experienced consultant. Opting for […]

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Choose The Top Warranty

A Warranty is very important for the car. The manufacturers of the car issue the warranty to the customers. Under the warranty period it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to handle the cost of the repair or maintenance or replacement of any type of spare parts. Warranty is given to the owner of the […]

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Warranty For Cars And Other Vehicles

Warranty is defined as the assurance given to the customers about the product by the manufacturers of the product to maintain, repair, and replace the parts of the product in case any of the part of the product found defective during the time period mentioned in the warranty from the time of the purchase of […]

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Warranty For Every Car

Auto warranty is a service, which provides maintenance and repair for vehicles sponsored by the dealers of the vehicle for the set time period. During this time period the services provided by the manufacturers include the cost of maintenance as well as repairs of the car. The manufacturers of the vehicle bear the total responsibility […]

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Now get a car warranty for your used car

Surveys have showed that the people who opt for purchasing a used car are more than the people who opt for purchasing a new car. Though there are many reasons that reflect this decision but many are worried that they may not get the right warranty for their used cars like they get with a […]

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Auto Warranty – A must for every vehicle

According to the law every car should have an auto warranty either it be a brand new car or a used car. An auto warranty is a guarantee given by the dealer or the car manufacturer to the customer assuring him that his car is in best condition and whatever damages that the car may […]

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Choose a warranty that suits every need of your car

Auto warranty is a guarantee given to the customer by the vehicle manufacturer stating that the car works free of problems for a fixed period of time that is mentioned in the warranty and any damage incurred in the car during that period will be repaired at free of cost. These auto warranties are given […]

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Importance of Used Car Warranty

A Used Car Warranty is a guarantee given to the customer who buys a used car. Many do not know about the Used Car Warranty and even if they do know about these warranties they have very less knowledge about the things that are to be considered while buying a warranty. Just while you are […]

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