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Archive for December 6th, 2007

Used car warranty law is different in each state

The used car warranty law is not the same in every state. Auto warranty laws are applicable to old and new cars. Like new auto warranty; used auto warranty is expanded to vehicles based on the coverage of its mileage. The warranty is different for old and used car and depends on the make of […]

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Tips to take care of your automobile and its warranty

Some of us can make bad decisions when picking an auto warranty. We get confused in selecting the best warranty for our cars and needs. It is easy to decide which car you want to purchase, but with extensive and extended auto warranty that is easily available everywhere we can go wrong in taking the […]

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Ensure your vehicle has an auto warranty

Every car needs to have a warranty as soon as it hits the road. Auto warranties are very important for cars just like life insurance policies are to people. Auto warranty is very important at times when your car suffers from any mechanical failure or experiences a sudden breakdown. The auto warranty company will take […]

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