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Archive for December 13th, 2007

Understanding the new car warranty is the only way to reap its benefits

In most of the states the conditions of a new car warranty with any purchase of a new car is a law. There are many perspectives on which new car a purchaser does not pay any heed and attention to these car warranties during the buying transactions. New car warranty can benefit only those owners […]

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Aftermarket Auto Warranty

The Aftermarket Auto Warranty is a program, which gives protection to your car. Buying of these aftermarket auto warranties is a tricky business. You need to consider many factors while choosing a right warranty.   The main factor to be considered is the period of validity and coverage of the warranty. Having a longer period […]

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Legal ramifications of the used car warranty

  You have purchased a new car and you want to find out whether the used car warranty is issued to you or not, then the best way to search is to go through the buyer’s guide that you have got while purchasing the car. In many states the dealers issue buyer’s guide to purchasers […]

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