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Archive for December 20th, 2007

Used Car Warranty Law your ultimate protection from Fraud and faulty used cars

The used car business is almost as large as the new car business. People who opt for used cars are more than the people who opt for brand new cars though many factors influence this but the fact is that buying a used car is lot more tricky than buying a new one. You need […]

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Troubles of finding the best auto warranty

An auto warranty is a guarantee given to you by a dealer or an insurance company which states that whatever repairs that are incurred by your car during the mentioned warranty period will be looked after by them for free of cost. But finding the right warranty is a tricky process as most of the […]

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Aftermarket Auto Warranty a second life for your car

The Aftermarket Auto Warranty, as the name itself suggests is a warranty program given to your car after your original warranty given by the car company expires.  Initially before the advent of the Aftermarket Auto Warranty, the cars with expired warranties would not get renewals or at least new warrant creating a problem for the […]

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