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Archive for December 5th, 2007

Tips To Keep You On Track

Auto warranties seem like a piece of cake, which is distributed to different members and still these member thinks that they have the tiniest one. Customers complain about this is that they are unhappy with the different programs and warranties, in which, their criteria of time period and miles criteria is not up to the […]

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The actual warranty

Warranties provide a kind of relief to the buyers. Customer’s feels relieved and secure about the truth that if anything happens to their car, there is somebody who will cover the costs of repair. Usually limited warranties are provided to new cars that cannot be finished and extended after certain period. Once the factory warranty […]

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Aftermarket car warranty- to keep you secure!

You want to purchase a car but you are confused about the programs regarding auto warranty that are offered by the car dealers. To make all the things clear and picture perfect in your mind about the programs you need to understand the different kinds of after market warranty which you can easily get. Two […]

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