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Archive for December 7th, 2007

Used car warranties

When purchasing a used vehicle, one must be aware that the laws governing used cars are very different to new car auto warranties. Used car warranties are covered by the “lemon law” which may differ from state to state. This law was passed back in 1982, and covers replacement of vehicle or refund on cars […]

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Things you need to be aware of about vehicle auto warranties

When purchasing a new vehicle, it is often one of the biggest investments an individual may make. Many people have different ideas of what their dream car is. Some people are excited about finding the right vehicle for them and often forget about the most important aspect of purchasing a vehicle, auto warranties. Care must […]

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Vehicle Auto Warranties – Saves you 100s of dollars

Vehicle auto warranties are essential when purchasing new or used cars. Auto warranties are just like health insurance. As health insurance is necessary to yourself in today’s environment so is, auto warranty for your car. Just like you, a vehicle can develop faults, which could be very costly to the vehicle owner if something goes […]

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